Exercises for B2 level in English

Your teaching team

How we support you to learn English

At Wall Street English we make sure you learn English thanks to personalized support from an experienced and highly-qualified team. From the start to finish, your progress is carefully monitored and you will be guided to guarantee your success in achieving your goals.

Our team makes sure you get the best English learning experience.

Highly-qualified teachers

Our online and in-person teachers are experts at teaching English.

The online teachers in particular help our students at a local and global level and are both extremely competent and dedicated. One of the advantages of our global online learning solution is that your employees will take part in live-time classes with a number of different teachers.

Wall Street English teachers come from a variety of native English-speaking countries, which is ideal for helping you enhance your listening and pronunciation skills. During the regular small classes, our native teachers will verify you are making progress and give helpful feedback and guidance on how to go further with your English.

Wall Street English Teacher

Personal Coaches

At Wall Street English you will be assigned your own Personal Coach. These make sure that you succeed with your learning goals by giving you continuous support and guidance on your study organization and how to build confidence in using the language.

A personal coach will help you:

  • Follow a regular and effective study rhythm
  • Get help with any questions regarding the language content of a lesson
  • Stay motivated and focused on your learning objective

Your personal coach will introduce the Wall Street English learning method and define your objectives during a welcome call. You can speak on phone calls or even WhatsApp if you want. They'll call you every week during your first level of studying to follow-up on progress and support with any doubts. After that, they will help make sure that you keep studying at the right pace. 

You can also take advantage of a regular 30-minute advising session with your coach at the end of each level to review with your progress, grades, challenges, and make sure you're all set to move forward with your course. If you have one of our in-person plans then you can go to your Wall Street English school and meet your coach at any time.

Personal Coach at Wall Street English

Course consultants

Our English course consultants are focused on making sure that you achieve your learning goals. They will assess your needs and then develop a personalized study plan whether you want to learn online, in-person or a mix of both. The consultant will assess your specific needs and find the ideal learning solution for you.

Once the courses have started, your consultant will monitor and track your progress and give you feedback on what you need to do to improve.

They are dedicated to ensuring that you reach the agreed learning goals.

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Best in class! Great course, excellent learning method, unique experience and fantastic staff.


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