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Free intensive summer course

Improve your English quickly with an intensive summer course

Increase your English level quickly with an intensive course over 2 or 4 weeks with a mix of self-study, online learning, in-person classes and cultural activities all in English. Speak English in a 100% English environment without having to leave your own country.

Each week on our summer English course you will be able to:

  • Study English intensively 
  • Learn with an engaging TV series, interactive lessons, student workbooks and conversation classes online or in person.
  • Learn English with people all over the world
  • Join small classes with highly-qualified teachers in a custom-built digital classroom.
  • Enjoy free English activities
  • Practice using your English skills whilst having fun in social and cultural English events around your own city.

Get your intensive course for free!

Get your intensive course completely free if you sign up for a 12-month English course from Wall Street English

Speak to a member of our staff today about the course plans available all around the world

Why choose Wall Street English

  • +3 million students taught
  • We’ve taught English to over 3 million students since 1972
  • Proven method
  • Our method is a mix of class-based teaching and guided self study which is aligned to global standards.
  • Guaranteed progress
  • If you follow our method, you will learn, guaranteed. You will reach the English level you need fast using our advanced learning system.  
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