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Market Leader by Wall Street English

Wall Street English and Pearson, two of the best Education companies in the world, have combined their expertise to create Market Leader by Wall Street English. An ideal course for students who want to learn English and learn about business at the same time to give them the boost they need for their careers in today's global economy.

The Market Leader is a course developed to respond to the needs of the labour market, namely in the area of management and business. A student with an intermediate level can start with Market Leader.

English in a business environment

Our course has been developed in collaboration with the Financial Times, one of the leading sources of information in the business world. The Financial Times material introduces students to real-life business issues and helps them build the professional vocabulary and communication skills necessary for the modern business world.

The best way to English success! I was registered by my boss, we need to improve our English for work purpose, and WSE is the best way to do that.

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10 levels of business English aligned with the CEFR

Market Leader by Wall Street English offers 10 levels of business English. Participants progress through each level by following the 90-minute workshops given in your company at a rate agreed with you beforehand.

The levels are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to ensure an international standard of teaching.


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Track and measure employee progress

You will receive a monthly report indicating the progress made by each employee.

Help your employees optimise their time

These lessons are held directly in your offices to avoid wasting your employees' time.

No additional workload

We manage everything for you: the organisation of the course, the coordination of timetables and the monitoring of progress, results and participation.

Discover Market Leader by Wall Street English

Wall Street English and Pearson, The Global Education Company, have combined their expertise to create Market Leader by Wall Street English, the business English course designed specifically for businesses. Our most experienced teachers use resources developed from sources such as the Financial Times to lessons with current and relevant content from the business world.

Grow your business and be competitive internationally, with a workforce fluent in English!

Participants learn English with content relevant to their environment:

  • Buying and Selling

  • Marketing

  • Team Management

  • Ethics

  • Joint-venture et acquisitions

  • Telephone Skills

  • Interview Skills

  • Presentations

  • Meetings

  • Negociations

  • And more...

Unlike the traditional Wall Street English course, this course has fixed weekly classes and lasts for a period 1 year.

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Check out some of the content covered in these classes by downloading the Market Leader content plan.