Learn English in Madrid


How you will learn English in Madrid

In our English schools in Madrid we make sure that you achieve your goals with our proven method and engaging course.


Watch and learn

Learning English in Madrid is easy with our engaging TV series that’s always at the right level for you.

Our Interactive Lessons can be done in our Madrid schools, from home or anywhere you want. We'll teach you listening and speaking first. 


Practice, pronounce and speak

Practice perfect pronunciation and improve your English with instant feedback in Interactive Exercises.

Learn to speak real-world English with highly-qualified teachers in our small classes in an easily accessible school in Madrid. 


Validation and feedback

Get the feedback and correction you need to improve your English in small group classes that you can book in our English school in central Madrid.

Highly-qualified teachers are ready to welcome you in our Madrid schools and confirm what you’ve learnt.

A lively school that is easy to access and open when you need

Our schools in Madrid are very well located around in the city with easy access to public transport.

You can also attend the events and classes in the center when you need to whether it's in the mornings, afternoons or evenings.

Come to the school to study, meet with your friends or join classes when you want.

Join events with other students

Join small classes with highly-qualified teachers in Madrid

Practice using your English in social activities and conversation classes in our schools and around the city of Madrid

Learn with other English students with in-center parties and events in our Madrid centers.

Learn and connect with other students and our supportive staff.

Our Madrid school teaching staff are always available to answer any questions.

We also have a dedicated support team that are here to help you with your English course.

Even though we're in the middle of Madrid, we only speak English in our schools so you'll be able to practice speaking all the time!

Learn English in the middle of Madrid!

Whether you're learning English to get a job in an international company or you want to leave Madrid and travel the world in English, we've got the course for you. Our schools are like being in an English-speaking country but in the middle of Madrid! Find out how we teach English now.

An English school in Madrid that works

Find out more about how you learn English in Madrid with a proven method that guarantees your results.