english coursesEnglish courses for companies

English courses for companies

Our corporate English training course is ideal for your company to enable your employees to learn and consolidate their English skills. Wall Street English takes the risk out of investing in English. With us, you can be confident you'll get a return on your investment.​

What you get
  • A proven English learning method with guaranteed results and progress
  • Flexible learning: your employees study when and where it suits their schedules
  • A global English school that gives standardized training all over the world
Corporate English courses

Experts in English teaching for professionals since 1972

With many years of experience teaching English to business people, we have a proven method that helps global companies go further. Wherever your staff are around the world, they can follow the same course with the same high-quality teaching, enjoying small classes and engaging learning activities.

How your staff will learn

Watch and learn


Learners make the most of their time watching online videos focused on a group of people building their careers in New York City.

They study the language they’ve seen with Interactive Lessons to improve listening and speaking skills. Students join in and record role-play conversations and complete their student workbooks for reading and writing with instant feedback.

Practice and speak


Your employees will practice pronunciation and improve their English communication with interactive exercises. Our interactive English exercises with automatic speech recognition provide instant feedback.

Learners will start having English conversations right from day one, whether in our schools, your company offices or online. Your staff will learn to speak practical business English with our teachers in professional conversation classes and related activities.

Constant feedback


Highly-qualified teachers make sure your employees learn English quickly. They get the feedback they need to speak English with confidence, for example when giving presentations or working in English.

Students can attend small classes with a maximum of three other business-focused learners at exactly the same level. Our English teachers will validate and confirm what they've learned. We'll make sure your staff improve their business English skills.


English learning for companies

Our method is based on a proven learning cycle that makes learning easy and effective no matter how busy you are at work. Our study plan can adapt to your needs.

Guaranteed results and flexible learning

Our proven method means we can guarantee employees will learn. And our focus on practical English language skills means they can immediately apply what they learn in the workplace. ​Regular, actionable reporting means customers have full visibility on their team's progress at all times.

We can teach face-to-face in your offices, in our centers or online in our digital classroom. Flexible days and times mean your employees can adapt their course to their needs. Learners can join small groups or make the most of one-to-one sessions.

Expert guidance and global experience

Our experienced team of Corporate Sales Managers, teachers and personal coaches manage training every step of the way, dealing with any obstacles that may arise supporting you and your employees.

We’re one of the world’s largest English language training providers present in over​ 30 markets, we can scale to meet customer training needs globally while ensuring consistent quality. We deliver over​ 75 thousand online classes a month. Are you ready to join us?

English aligned to global standards

Wall Street English offers 20 levels for professional students ranging from beginners to advanced. Our course is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) so you always know exactly where your staff are based on internationally recognized standards (from A1 to C1).







Wall Street English Levels 3-5

At this level you might only be able to work in jobs with basic English requirements such as manual work in factories or warehouses or cleaning but you can have a simple conversation with people if they speak slowly and simply.

Plan your English training solution

Complete our training configurator and plan an English training solution that will achieve your business goals.

The perfect training plan for your business

Wall Street English training course plans can adapt to your company needs. We offer the best value solutions that deliver results.


Learn flexibly from anywhere by accessing our Global Online Classroom. Get the same level of expert teaching and personal support you’d get in-person.

  • Online
  • English course activities
  • Classes with 3 other students
  • Personal coaching sessions
  • Extra practice classes
  • Social events
  • Access to total English environment


Learners study in your office, at home or in our centers and then join in-person classes with extra conversation classes and social activities all supported by face-to-face student follow up.

  • Employees study the course in our schools
  • In-center classes
  • In-person support sessions
  • Extra in-person practice classes
  • Events and networking
  • Access to total English environment
  • Digital classroom classes

Private 1-1

Your staff can enjoy even more personalized learning and speaking-time by joining individual classes with our certified teachers online and in our centers. Students will stay ahead of the curve while still improving their conversational skills with other business students during additional classes and events.

  • Online and in our schools
  • Educational TV series
  • Interactive English lessons
  • Private 1-1 classes with highly-qualified teachers
  • Personal coaching sessions
  • Access to our school's total English environment
  • Extra practice classes
  • Social events
  • In-person group classes

Customized course plans

Wall Street English training course plans can adapt to your company needs. We offer the best value plans that deliver results.

How we plan your training solution

We assess your employees':

  • Exact English starting level (from a total of 20 levels)
  • Individual goals
  • Their desired level

We'll create a personalized training solution to make sure your business goals are achieved quickly and effectively.

We've helped thousands of companies improve their English results