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IELTS Preparation Course

Prepare for success with our exam preparation course for IELTS. Our course will make sure you're ready to get the score you need.

What you get
  • Accessibility - Our IELTS preparation courses start all year round and you can make the most of our schools when you need.
  • Supportive staff - Highly-qualified, native-level English teachers will prepare you to pass the IELTS exam in group or individual classes.
  • Practice - Online IELTS advice and tutorials in 'MyEnglishLab'. Complete a free mock-exam at the beginning and end of your IELTS preparation course to make sure you're ready.
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Engaging training courses for IELTS

Our IELTS courses have been written by the same authors of the Test Preparation Series by Pearson. They allow you to focus on learning with practical and intuitive exercises. Our IELTS test preparation course will help you to get the best IELTS score with a unique method based on communication and the key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our IELTS test preparation courses


Highly-qualified teachers are trained to prepare you to get IELTS score you need. Get the specific help and guidance necessary to improve your IELTS level. Special IELTS course material enables you to become familiar with the IELTS exam format. You will have the chance to do a mock IELTS exam to test your ability both at the start and at the end of your IELTS preparation course.


Get the most complete practice you need to pass the IELTS exam. You'll have free access to the online learning platform MyEnglishLab (MEL) developed by Pearson, which offers over 120 practice IELTS exercises and practice IELTS tests on the four major sections: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Study with extra English tips and instant feedback in the learning platform. You can even practice English in everyday Social Club activities.


At Wall Street English, IELTS exam preparation courses are extremely flexible and can adapt precisely to your needs. Do the course individually or as a group and start whenever you want during the academic year. You can study on a day and time that suits you at a frequency and intensity that you prefer. It's the most flexible way to prepare for your IELTS exam!

IELTS preparation course timeline

Find out more about what it's like to prepare for your IELTS certification with our test preparation course.

Specialized IELTS support

  • Courses given by a certified and specialized qualified teacher.
  • 8 classes covering specific skills from the test with native speaking teachers.

IELTS skills development

  • An additional class on IELTS test taking skills, which helps you better prepare for taking the IELTS test.
  • Two practice IELTS tests: take one at the beginning of the course and one at the end to see how much you’ve improved.

Flexible IELTS study

  • Access to MyEnglishLab for exclusive, online resources, practice and homework to help you study for your exam
  • Small class sizes and a flexible schedule to fit your busy life. You can start your course at a time that is most convenient for you.

IELTS preparation course prices

Our IELTS preparation course is the best way to make sure that you'll get the score you need in your IELTS certification exam. 

In order to give you the best IELTS results we need to properly assess your needs. To find out more about our IELTS preparation course prices, contact us and book an appointment with one of our team.

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