Better Business English with Business Partner

Nov 20, 2022

With more and more people working in an international environment, there is a growing need for any successful business-person to have a good understanding of English which is the global language of business.

You need an English course that develops business skills and soft business skills. Business Partner, the brand-new course from Wall Street English and Pearson, provides a flexible modular approach to studying, useful business language and plenty of practice – so you can really improve your business English and improve your career!

What is Business Partner?

Business Partner is an English course specifically developed for international business professionals. It uses a task-based approach which incorporates presentation and practice with lots of communicative work, group tasks and projects.

“Business Partner is a cutting-edge blended course that teaches business English to support real language progress and develops essential business skills across all levels.” Ken Davis, Head of Product, Wall Street English

The course includes:  

  • Online or In-person classes with highly qualified teachers, in our centers or your offices 
  • New, up-to-date content 
  • Authentic video and text material 
  • English-language skills and grammar in a realistic business context 
  • Video-based content to develop communication skills  
  • Business Skills lessons for topics such as presentations, negotiations and relationship building 
  • A modular approach for more flexibility and personalization 
  • Business writing practice in every unit 
  • Collaboration through Business Workshop case studies 
  • Mock tests for the BEC exams 
  • Additional online practice on MyEnglishLab 


Authentic English for professionals

One of the most important aspects of the Business Partner course is that it provides as much authentic material as possible. 

The course materials have been developed with the Financial Times to ensure there is enough authentic reading content. The articles build on the topics discussed in the videos, further exposing you to real English while developing your understanding of the business world. There are even authentic videos based on real business problems. The course introduces unit topics, exposing you to English in practice and the kinds of issues you may encounter in your business career. Finally, there are Scripted Skills Videos that are available for you to improve your business skills.

Why choose Business Partner?

The Business Partner course is great if you are: 

  • taking business or vocational courses and need to improve your English
  • want to learn Business English as well as develop 21st-Century Skills
  • looking for up-to-date content and plenty of hands-on practice
  • you want an ordered and structured set of business topics to learn
  • you like to make the most of your time with self-study exercises with automatic grades
  • want extra business English practice exercises

Access more business English practice exercises

As part of the Business Partner course, you will get access to an online tool where you can practice using the English you’ve learnt. MyEnglishLab: Business Partner is an online homework tool that contains exercises to support the material that you cover in each lesson. You can complete exercises on your PCs, iPads or tablets, at school or at home.

The exercises are graded automatically and your teacher will get a report on how you are progressing. You’ll be able to see your grades and we’ll make sure that you get help if you find particular exercises more difficult.

This flexible system is perfect if you need to work independently or have to fit studying around other commitments. You can make the most of your time and learn business English more efficiently.

Real-life business English

Business Partner offers you Business Workshop case-studies. As you work on these projects, you’ll be challenged to put yourself in realistic professional situations and use specific language in particular contexts to solve business problems. You'll also need to collaborate with your fellow students, just like in a real-life business context!

As a result, you will be able to use previously-learned material in new and concrete situations. This makes Business Partner a great choice if you’re looking for a new course that actually teaches you how to use real-life business English.

Are you interested in finding out more about Business Partner?

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